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About Mistress Violet

I am Mistress Violet of Melbourne.

I have returned from an extended hiatus from the world of BDSM and can hardly wait to get my hands on some new submissive flesh and be reacquainted with my old favourites – you know who you are.

For those who have not yet met me, I am an expert Dominatrix who specialises in cruel punishment, sadistic torture and ultimate humiliation.

My mastery of BDSM play comes from 15+ years of experience in some of best houses of Domination in Melbourne, Sydney, New York and London.

I am now recommencing sessions in Melbourne.

I find sessions involving extreme and taboo fetishes extremely gratifying and I like to have my creativity challenged by bizarre and outrageous fantasy scenarios.

You will find me direct and downright sadistic, finding genuine pleasure in your suffering and misfortune. I possess a wicked sense of humour and have fun with the debauchery of my sessions.

My sessions are conducted in the appropriate locations, negotiated for our mutual convenience. I also make hotel visits where my incredible imagination and ingenuity can make the most of the furniture available to us.

Online sessions are also available.